ManUp40 - Aiken SC  "the MEN of tomorrow" - Company Message
Our Staff:
We at ManUp40 Inc. believe that for every successful organization is made up of a team of dedicated and committed people.
We at ManUp40 Inc. has and always will continue to have dedicated and committed personal to help develop our male youth.
Stanley Mack
Founder & CEO
I was recently blessed to see my 40th birthday. So I took the time to look back over my life and I thank GOD for all the things HE has brought me through. I've realized that no matter how hard I thought my childhood was, GOD has a special plan for my adulthood. He has blessed me with a beautiful, loving and supportive wife for over 18yrs; along with two wonderful children; a son and a daughter.
I feel that my life experiences can be a helpful guide to some of our male youths today. I feel that GOD has put me here for a purpose and I need to begin fulfilling my purpose for HIM.
I created The ManUp40 Inc. program not as mentor group but as a information and development group for our young male youths. The ManUp40 Inc group is "not" federally funded by grants or loans. The ManUp40 Inc. program is solely funded by myself, family and local sponsors.
My views are solely my views and I reserve the right to voice my own opinion; along with being open to other views and opinions.  
Kentrell Mack
President of Operation