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When Asking For An Employment Application


  1. Be well dress-business casual 
  2. Make eye contact
  3. Speak clearly and cheerfully
  4. Introduce yourself
  5. Ask for the manager on duty
  6. Extend handshake
  7. Ask if they are hiring or will be hiring in the future
  8. Complete application on site
  9. Ask when will be the best time to following up
  10. Thank them


  1. Don't wear jeans, t-shirts or ball caps
  2. Don't use slang when speaking
  3. Don't speak with gum or mint in your mouth
  4. Don't bring in a friend or parent with you
  5. Don't appear to be impatient
  6. Don't appear to be depress or down
  7. Don't be overly confident
  8. Don't try and get someone hired on
  9. Don't disclose the knowledge of knowing a current employee
  10. Don't forget to say thank you