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Been awhile!

Hello men! It's been awhile since I posted anything. Nevertheless I've been busy to say the least. I've been working with my church youth department and its always a pleasure working with our youth. Many live by a different standard unlike many of uswho grow up in 80's. I'm finding out that our youth have great vision and hopes but what many of them lack is the know how and a direction to get there. I'll keep you posted! ManUp40!!!!!

MAD Yet...???

Ask I mad about life yet or when will I get mad! I realize we shouldn't get "mad" but the mad I speak of....we should! MAD meaning....Motivated, Ambitious, and Determined!! It's time we motivated about life, ambitious about success and determine to succeed in life!!! Young black men we walk around as If good things going to happen just because!! We think that we'll JUST be successfull...just because! Life doesn't owe any of us anything and you can best believe that life can care less about what you think you're going to be....if you're not Motivated! Ambitious! and Determined! Life WILL past you by!!! Our new program will get you MAD!! It's time to take our rightful place in society... Please join ManUp40inc!!!!!

Knowing true friends

I recently enjoyed a night out with my family and new friends. I realize that every marriage is different and people get married for different reasons. So what ever your reason is for getting married; make sure that it is with the person that you think of when something happens and you can't wait to tell someone and that someone is her.


Men if your son or daughter begin to act or have the personality of someone else other than you. It maybe because of the lack of time that you have spent with them. Take the time to spend the time with your children; they need you as their roll model and not someone they see on TV or in the movies. ManUp and be the man your children need you to be.

Random Thoughts

One of the best things for me about being a full time father. Is tucking my baby girl in at night and she tells me "you're the best dad" All just because I organized her fragrance hand-sanitizer lotion. I love being a DAD!!


Family is not just people who have the same blood or just by marriage. Family can be anyone you meet and that you can get and give support and guidance to. Try to be more of a "family friend" when choosing your friends. We need to gget back to supporting one another and stop bring one another down.

Who IS to Blame??

I recently watched the YouTube post that Samuel E. Jackson done-entitle "Blame". I've always said that once you become a person that understands right and wrong and the difference between good and bad then the blame rest on you! But this blog is for anyone that's an adult-18yrs old and older. Question-Who's to blame for your lack of suggest in America! A land where you CAN be WHATEVER you want to be! #nomoreexcuses!


Faith.....define. What is your definition of Faith??

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