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Thursday's Thoughts-Time well spent

It was once said that...the more time you spend on celebrating and praising someone else's success...the less time you'll spend working on your on success.

Many times we as young men spend to much time bragging about who we know and how well they are doing in life; yet we're failing in our own life.

Many times we as young men spend to much time admiring people we've only seen on television or heard on the radio; but won't take heed to what our love ones is telling us.

Thursday thoughts - Life is a game of 4 quaters

It was said that...."it's okay to feel good about where you are at in life but you should feel much better about where you are going in life"

Life doesn't wait for anyone. I'm learning that life is actually a game of 4 quarters when look at it.

1st qtr.: 1 - 20yrs. old
2nd qtr.:  20 - 40yrs. old
3rd qtr.: 40 - 60yrs. old
4th qtr.: 60 -80+yrs. old

In your first quarter of life you should be getting to know yourself and developing your personality and enjoy having your parents or guardian to lean on for guidance and support.

Vacation Time

Vacation's very important for a man to take his family on vacation at least once a year if not twice a year. This helps brings forth a sense of togetherness and a time to relax and enjoy one other. It also give you a chance to chat with your kids and to get to know them better. Take the time to enjoy your family....

Real Men Wanted and Needed

Society has it's time our fathers to speak! Our young men need us now more then ever! They need our leadership, guidance and support. It's time for us to lead our young men back to their RIGHTFUL place in society, in their homes and in their communities! 


Men if your son or daughter begin to act or have the personality of someone else other than you. It maybe because of the lack of time that you have spent with them. Take the time to spend the time with your children; they need you as their roll model and not someone they see on TV or in the movies. ManUp and be the man your children need you to be.

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Thursday's Thoughts-Time well spent
Thursday thoughts - Life is a game of 4 quaters
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